About Us

Wooden toys out of conviction

Our goal is to create attractive and ecologically responsible alternatives to the often tempting plastic toys.

We are parents of two daughters and the issue of sustainability is very important to us.

Even before our first daughter was born, we dealt intensively with the materials that babies and (small) children come into contact with. It quickly became clear to us that we wanted to do without plastic and prefer more sustainable and ecologically sensible alternatives.

In many areas we have succeeded well, but of course we have not completely avoided plastic toys either. Despite the best of intentions, we often lacked nice and attractively priced alternatives, so after a long search we are now making an appropriate offer ourselves :)

True to the motto: less is more, we have put together a selected range of our favorite wooden toys. Our greatest concern was that the toy should be educational, versatile and usable over a long period of time (several years in the best case).

Children love colour, so we have chosen a colorful collection of toys.